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Due to Coronavirus outbreak, the organiser decided to postpone the event from Friday, 2nd October 2020 to Sunday, 21st March 2021. Therefore, you can attend with your current ticket(s) with selected seat(s) on new date at same venue - The Stockport Plaza.

But if you think, for any personal reason you are not able to attend on new date, you can simply contact us via, not later than 2nd October 2020 and mention your full name coupled with ticket details and ask for full refund.

Please note that you cannot refund your ticket later than 2nd October 2020 and after this period your tickets are valid for 21st March 2021, so they will remain non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

After receiving your refund enquiry, the process of communication with you, cancelling your ticket(s) and refunding your payment(s) will take few weeks and we will start refund process from December 2020.